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Craft Meat & Market Vegetables Grown on Regenerated Land.

Heartwood Farms is a homestead-farm and farmstay located in Meat Camp, a primitive meat packing area used to smoke, cure, and store meat since before the Revolutionary War. We sell our pastured meat and market vegetables directly, at farmer's markets, and through partnerships with local farms and the Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture's Food Hub. We practice, teach, and invite others to experience the benefits of regenerative agriculture, pastured meat, and sustainable living.


 Come stay with us in a charming, fully equipped 400 sq foot sustainable cabin. Here we offer stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the ability to pick your eggs in the morning, select from a variety of pastured meats raised on the farm for lunch and dinner, and attend various workshops on homesteading. Available 2019.


Purchase our pasture-raised pork, rabbit, and poultry/egg products directly, through our CSA partners, or through the High Counry Food Hub. You can also find us at the Wilksboro Friday Market and the Mountain City Market starting in May 2019. All our product is US or NCDA certified and labeled and our animals are pastured on land rehabilitated using regenerative practices.

High Country Food Hub

We offer several day and weekend-long intensive workshops designed for practitioners intersted in learning introductory permaculture practices; the business & marketing aspects of market gardening, backyard husbandry & butchery, and Appalachian craft & cuisine.  These intensive workshops are hands-on, and highly customized. Scheudles will be posted in January 2019.


Check out our new partnerships with Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture &
High Country Food Hub.

Individual Products for Sale

You can buy these products directly by sending an email to
or buy through the Food Hub at

We offer limited quantities based on availability and pricing is per lb.

Are you pickin’ up what we’re puttin’ down?

Alt_Ag in Appalachia Podcast

Join us each month for the Alt_Ag podcast, an hour-long interview with market gardeners, urban outfitters, sustainability experts, conservationists and ordinary folks who are disrupting systems and finding ways to live more healthfully, sustainably, and sanely. COMING SOON.

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Think you have a story?

We love to hear from farmers, growers, producers, and hacks with a knack for the novel. Think you have . story, email us to set up a time to talk.


Why Choose Heartwood Farms?

Heartwood Farms produces craft por, poultry, rabbit, and market garden vegetables for our local community in the High Country on land developed using regenerative agricultural practices. We never use pesticides or chemicles and treat all our “franimals” with the love and respect they deserve and you expect. 


Our mission is to bring quality food that isn’t fooled with to the High Country. We believe good food should be affordable, so we pinch every penny to bring you quality, pastured meat and market vegetables that won’t break the bank.


We don’t just teach regenerative agricultural principles on our farm; we live them. Whether integrating rain catchment, chicken tractors, forest management, or composting, we practice the permaculture principle of “waste nothing.” When you support our farm, you’re supporting these agricultural ethics.


We’re working on various certifications presently, but we raise, care for, dispatch and process our animals humanely. Our pork, rabbit and poultry live out their days on pasture, sunshine and belly rubs.


All our animals are pastured and eat the things they’re meant to eat: bugs, grains, acorns & fresh veggies. This results in good texture, balanced marbeling, sane weights, and a difference you can actually taste. 

Stay in the Know

Trusted Sources for the Latest in
Agro-Enviro News

We believe it’s important to stay informed and up-to-date on  best practices, climate changes, new legislation and innovations that support or hinder our connection to our food and the land. To that end, we’ve included sources we trust for the latest news and academic resources covering agriculture, conservation, and the environment. 

App Voices

Appalachian Voices is an American environmental organization based in Boone, North Carolina.

APP Voices
The BBC Science & Environment Desk

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The Hill Energy & Environment 

The Hill is one of the most trusted news sources in Washington.

The Hill
Living Planet Podcast

Every Thursday, a new episode of Living Planet brings you environment stories from around the world, digging deeper into topics that touch our lives every day.

Living Planet

Foodie Fun:
Recipe of the Week

This week, we focus on how to cut up a whole fresh-frozen chicken.

Helpful Hint: you can grind meat after it thaws. Never grind frozen meat and do not re-freeze meat, even after you grind it. It will lose texture.

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Our porkers are true hams. But then, so are our donkeys, goats, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, & chickens.
We hope you enjoy these images of #farmlife as much as we enjoyed taking them.


Our pork, poultry and produce is pretty damn good.
But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say.

I have never had a better rib off our smoker. I cooked a shoulder for the neighbor and they could tell the difference and said they liked it better than the other shoulders we’ve done before. Your pork is definately more tender than the typical injected pig. You can actually pull the pork without it becoming tringy, which is important if it’s coming across a judge’s table. Your pork also had a lot less unnecessary fat and it had an overall smokier taste. We are super happy with the outcome.

Jack Lewis

Jiggy with the Piggy BBQ Judge

OMG this sausage is amazing, your eggs are adorable, and your prices are super reasonable considering it’s all natural. I want to make it part of my regular egg order.

Erika Cary

CSA Customer

Those pork chops were some of the best I’ve ever had. The recipe you sent along with it was perfect. We drank a buttery chardonay with it and it paired really well with that ginger-pecan glaze. Can’t wait to get and cook more.

Adam Sanders

Food Hub Customer

Meet the Farmers

Part-time farmers, full-time professors, students, partners and friends; we’re all mad here!
Meet the farmers and apply to join our Wonderland. 

Sarah-Beth Hopton, Ph.D.

Writer, Professor, &
Sometimes Pig Wrangler

Nolan Belk, Ph.D.

Jedi-Level Egg Sitter

Michaela and Erik



We’re looking for energetic WWOOFERS and summer interns to help us plant the fields, build the barn and learn market gardening techniques and business practices.

Intersted? See our prodile on WWOOF USA or get in touch.



Farming is exhausting, rewarding, humorous, harrowing.
Read about life converting a woodland forest to a farm while maintaining full-time jobs by following us on Facebook @Heartwoodfarmsltd or Twitter under the hashtag #farmlife.

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